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Oil, Gas and Marine

AEI Cables has a history of product development for the demanding environment of oil and gas platforms and has previously supplied cables to the re-developed Piper Alpha platform and to the BP Clair platform.

With our extensive in-house facilities which encompass research, development and manufacture, we provide the highest quality cables for these specialist applications including organisations such as Shell and British Gas and customers and projects worldwide from Bariven, Venezuela, to the Umm Shaif Gas Development in the Arabian Gulf, and the Iron Duke Project, Brunei.The selection of appropriate materials is critically important, and we can provide custom designed cables using our own polymeric compounds to meet the challenging performance needs in harsh environments.

Cable materials used for insulating and sheathing are fundamental to a cable's performance and its ability to survive in some of these highly demanding environments.

In addition to the BS 6883 and BS 7917 cables featured below we can also supply a wide range of cables to IEC 60092 and NEK 606. Naval cables are featured in our Defence Product section.

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