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Products by Standard

Quality and safety are the hallmarks of our diverse range of products, which are designed and manufactured to the very highest standards such as ISO 9001 and approved by the leading approvals organisations nationally and internationally including BASEC, LPCB and Lloyds.

AEI Fire Resistant flexible cable
 Generally to, fire resistant)
BCS 295 Mine Power Distribution Cable
 Part 1
BCS 643 Pull Cables
BCS 648 Minewinder Safety Cables
 Minewinder Safety Cables
BS 5467 PVC Armoured Cable
 BS 5467
BS 6004 PVC Conduit and House Wiring types
 BS EN 50525-2-31 Table B1Table 1Table 3
 Table 4
able 4
BS 6195 Coil Leads
 Type 4AType 4CType 4D
 Type 4EType 4F
BS 6231 Tri rated Panel Wiring
 CSA C22.2 No 127-95Type CK Table 2.
BS 6500 PVC Light Duty Flex
 2000 Table 27
2000 Table 29
2001 Table 44
 BS 6500:2000 Table 26
BS EN 50525-2-11 Table B1BS EN 50525-2-11 Table B2
 BSEN50525-2-11 Table B2Table 6
BS 6622 MV PVC Power Cable
BS 6708 Mine Trailing and Auxilliary Cables
 Type 11Type 201Type 211
 Type 307Type 307MType 307S
 Type 321Type 331Type 631
 Type 7Type 7MTypes 506 512 518 524
 Types 62, 63, 64
BS 6724 LSZH Armoured Cable
 BS 6724
BS 6724 LSZH Auxilliary Armoured Cable
 BS 6724
BS 6883 Ships, Oil and Gas, Instrumentation and Power Cables
 Table 11, 12, 25,26Table 13Table 14
 Table 37, 38Table 39, 40Table 41, 42
 Table 46, 47Table 48, 49Table 5, 6, 19, 20
 Table 50, 51Table 52, 53Table 54, 55
 Table 56, 57Table 7, 8, 19, 20Table 9, 10, 22,23
 Tables 18,19Tables 20, 21, 22, 23, 24Tables 30, 31
 Tables 32, 33
BS 7211 (generally to) Fire Resistant Conduit Wiring
 (Generally to , fire resistant)
BS 7211 LSZH Conduit and House Wiring types
 BS EN 50525-3-41 Table B1Table 5
BS 7629-1 Fire Resistant Alarm and Emergency Lighting Cable
 BS 7629-1
BS 7835 MV LSZH Power Cable
BS 7846 Fire Resistant Impact Power Cable
 BS 7846
BS 7846 Fire Resistant Power Cable
 BS 7846
BS 7846(generally to) Fire Resistant Unarmoured Power Cable
 BS 7846 (Generally to)
BS 7889 Unarmoured Single Core PVC Power Cables
 Table 2
BS 7917 Ships, Oil and Gas, Fire Resistant Instrumentation and Power Cables
 Table 10, 11Table 12, 13Table 14
 Table 15Table 6, 7Table 8, 9
 Tables 19, 20Tables 21, 22, 23, 24, 25Tables 31, 32
 Tables 33, 34
BS EN 60702-1 Mineral Insulated Cable
 BS EN 60702-1
BS EN 60702-2 MI Cable Accessories.
 BS EN 60702-2
Def Stan 02-526 LFH HM Ships Cable
 Table B1Table B10Table B2
 Table B4Table B5Table B6
 Table B7Table B8Table B9
Def Stan 02-527 Fire Survival LFH MH Ships Cable
 Table C1Table C10Table C11
 Table C2Table C3Table C4
 Table C5Table C6Table C7
 Table C8Table C9
Def Stan 61-12 Part 25 Thin Wall LFH HM Ships Cable
 Table 11Table 12Table 13
 Table 14, 26Table 15Table 16
 Table 17Table 18Table 19
 Table 20Table 27Table 28
 Table 4Table 5Table 6, 22
 Table 7, 21, 23Table 8, 24Table 9, 25
Def Stan 61-12 Part27 Mobile Equipment
 Table 10
EN50264 European Rolling Stock Cables
 EN50264-2-1 Table 1EN50264-2-1 Table 2EN50264-2-1 Table 3
 EN50264-2-1 Table 4EN50264-2-2 Table 1EN50264-2-2 Table 2
 EN50264-2-2 Tables 4,6,8EN50264-2-2 Tables 5,7,9EN50264-3-1 Table 1
 EN50264-3-1 Table 2EN50264-3-1 Table 3EN50264-3-1 Table 4
 EN50264-3-2 Table 1EN50264-3-2 Table 2EN50264-3-2 Tables 4,6,8
 EN50264-3-2 Tables 5,7,9
EN50306 European Rolling Stock Cables
 EN50306-2 Table 1EN50306-3 Table 1EN50306-4 Table 1 (E)
 EN50306-4 Table 1 (P)EN50306-4 Table 3 (E)EN50306-4 Table 3 (P)
 EN50306-4 Table 5 (E)EN50306-4 Table 5 (P)
EN50382 European Rolling Stock Cables
 EN50382-2 Table 1EN50382-2 Table 2EN50382-2 Table 3
 EN50382-2 Table 4EN50382-2 Table 5
Firetec Tubesafe
 (Generally to , fire resistant)
G4726 LUL Conduit Wire
G4726 Singlecore non sheathed power cable
G4727 Armoured Power Cable
G4727 LUL Armoured Cable
G4727+FR Fire Resistant Armoured Cable
G7250 Type D1 Signalling Cable
G7250 Type D2 Signalling Cable
G7250 Type E1 Signalling Cable
G7250 Type E2 Signalling Cable
G7622 Multipair Communications Cable
G7624 Screened Signalling Cables
NCB 115 Mine Shotfiring Cables
 Shotfiring Cables
NCB 492 Mine Telephone Cables
 Telephone Cables
NR/L2/ELP/40045Point Heater Cables
NR/PS/ELP/21101 (DC112) Track Feeder
RIA10 Railway Power Cable
RIA21 Railway Power Cable
RSE/STD/024 Pt 6 LUL Rolling Stock Cable
 Type IType IIType III
 Type IVType IXType V
 Type VIType VIIType VIII
 Type XIType XIIType XIII
RT/E/PS/00005 Railway Signalling Cable
 NR/PS/SIG/00005 Type A1&A3NR/PS/SIG/00005 Type B1&B2NR/PS/SIG/00005 Type C2
 NR/PS/SIG/00005 Type C3NR/PS/SIG/00005 Type D2NR/PS/SIG/00005 Type E2
 NR/PS/SIG/00005 Type E3
S1108 (1-108 EME-SP-14-025) LUL Track Feeder Cable
 1-108 (EME-SP-14-025)
SE 882 LUL AC Signal Main Cable
SE1047 LUL Train Signal and Control Cable.
SE1047 LUL Train Signal and Control Cable.
SE1093 Singlecore signalling cable
SE260 LUL Pigtail Rail Connection Cable
SE330 Screened Track Crossing Cable
SE527 Screened Signalling circuits for use in crossing tracks
 SSL SE-0527
SE64 Tunnel Telephone Wire
SE774 LUL Equipment Room Signalling Power Cable
SE895 LUL Track Circuit Feed Cable
SE902 LUL Point Heater Cable
 T0504 (formerly SE902)
SE996 Multipair screened cable.
TC1-04 Thin Wall Rolling Stock
TC1-05 Standard Wall Rolling Stock
TC12 Reduced Wall Rolling Stock
 Meets requirements of EN50264-2-1TC12
VDE E PV 01 Solar Cable
 VDE E PV 01


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